My four girls 1996
Dimitri and Papou 2/2000
Sylvia and Ya Ya Eleni 2/2000
Papou, Maro, and Ya Ya Kapetani 4/2000
Ya Ya Kathy and Maro
Maria Victoria Kapetani Babtism 9/2/2000
Maro and Father Argiri
O Nounos (Godfather) Paris Papanastasiou
Maro in her new outfit
Vicky, Maki, Papou Kosta, Maro, Nouno, Niko
Maki, Papou Vasili, and Vicky (Vasiliki)
Maki and Ya Ya Maria Kapetani
Great Uncle Chris and Uncle Dimitri
Vicky, Maro, and Maki Christmas 2000
Easter April 15, 2001
at Blackberry Farm in Monte Vista, CA
Vasilios Meletios Kapetanis Babtism 5/26/02
Gruppo Greco 2007
Our Driver,  Iraklis
Pompei, Italy
Waiting in line for entry to The Vatican,  3 1/2 hours
Outside Vatican
Three Coins in a Fountain
Rome at midnight
Dimitri, our tour guide
Greek kaffenio in Rome
Hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Balcony of Juliet
Romio and Juliet
Bella Venezia
arivedercci Venezia
Going back to Greece
I'm holding up The Leaning Tower of Pisa
St Nicholas Choir records Greek Nostalgia
Mythos Band